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Nursing Homes
Nursing Home & Assisted-Living Facilities

Nursing Home Neglect, Abuse & Liability:

  • Nursing homes are subject to extensive state and federal regulations. Claims may occur when these standards of care are breached and harm to the resident occurs. Often, the breach is caused by improperly trained or supervised employees, insufficient staffing or other cost-cutting.

  • Typical nursing home claims involve neglect, such as the failure to prevent and/or treat bed sores; the failure of staff to use prescribed restraints on a patient that is susceptible to falling out of bed; or failure to assist a patient that has difficulty walking.

  • Abuse claims include claims of intentional abuse, physical and/or mental, which can also lead to criminal charges.

  • Failure to supervise can result in at-risk patients, such as those suffering from dementia, being harmed due to lack of proper supervision.

  • Other claims can be related to malnutrition, medication errors, and accidential strangulation.

  • Some nursing home patients have been the victims of serious crimes, such as intentional abuse or sexual assault. Frequently, claims against a nursing home will focus on the character of employees of the facility and the training of the employees to handle patients with special needs.

  • Security issues can also be a focus of investigations.

  • Often the Department of Health will conduct an investigation once an incidence occurs. The findings of any investigation can then form the basis of a claim against the facility and/or an employee. 


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