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Other Legal Representation
Other Legal Representation
  • Many areas of the law overlap into other areas of the law. For example, a Wrongful Death or Personal Injury claim can involve issues related to probate practice, or trusts and estate planning. Consider the following examples of legal issues that I have had experience with over the years:

  • When a person is a victim of a Wrongful Death, a probate estate must be opened in the probate court of the city or town where the person last resided.

  • A person suffering a catastrophic personal injury or a minor may need a guardian appointed by the probate court to care for him or her and/or may need a trustee to oversee the proceeds of a personal injury award.

  • A victim of a personal injury may desire a “structured settlement” to get periodic payments over a course of years, rather than a single lump-sum payment.

  • A person receiving a large personal injury award may have new estate planning needs, especially if he or she has children from a prior marriage or relationship.


          Other areas of the law that frequently arise involve federal law, contracts, business agreements, boundary disputes, and claims for payment and defending against claims for payment.

  • Check the “Survey of Rhode Island Law” page under the “Legal Resources” link on the main menu (or the link below) for general information of select legal issues.

  • Over the course of 30 years I have represented many clients with these and other legal issues.

  • For legal matters beyond the scope of my practice, I can usually refer a person in need of legal or other professional representation to another attorney or other professional that may better address those issues.

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